10 Steps To Getting Known In The Music Scene For Musicians/Bands

As we are racing towards a better tomorrow, it is getting certain that the Indie music scene has improved and is flourishing at a noteworthy speed especially in India. Starting from the startling new online platforms, to the open-minded event organizers, to the myriad of beckoning opportunities this list of blessings seems to go on and on. However, amidst all of this there is a striking shoot up in the level of competition among musicians. Today a band/artist that is proudly sitting on the coveted throne of popularity becomes non-existent and inevitably lands in a sea of oblivion if it does not enhance its skills or takes the necessary steps to get known.

It may look heart-warming to a listener to see musicians striving to put out their best nevertheless for an artist challenges seem to be mounting new heights. Off late, musicians and bands is everywhere. These days you visit any popular bar or cafe's or you simply browse through Facebook or YouTube you’ll find a whole bunch of hugely talented and gifted artists showcasing their creativity. Therefore good music is not enough! You ought to strive for great and work on other aspects as well. Keeping aside the pessimism and looking for a smart solution to this predicament, this article is a sincere endeavor to shed some light on the must-do steps for an artist/ band to be known in the music scene.

#1. Have a Social Media presence

Social Media is the word on every mouth. Be it an artist or a listener, these social media giants and their posts have smartly become the topic of discussion on our dining table or friends gathering or family meet. If you want to be the talk of the town or the talk of these conversations, then having an active social media presence is inevitable. Share your tracks, your music videos, your band details all at one place and see the magic of social media unfold in your life.

#2. Participate in ‘Open Mics’

Open Mics or Open Microphones is a splendid platform to show case your craft. These days when the competition is getting fierce, as an artist or a band you must grab these glittering opportunities and make the most of them. Once you take your music voluntarily in front of new audiences on a regular basis, then the time is not far when these people will wrestle with each other to buy tickets for your concert.

#3. Play Gigs at all kinds of locations

It is rightly said that you ought to move beyond your comfort zone to succeed. This saying holds true for a budding artist or a band like you. Reach out actively to location that focuses on a genre that is different from yours. Be it a School festival or a college festival or a park or a fair or any other local festival, go ahead and perform your best while they get to know you and admire your gifted skills.

#4. Create a compelling logo

Focusing on your music is essential, but you cannot miss out these important steps, if you want yourself to get known. A killer logo for your band will be the first step for the event organizers to know you and your band. Keep in mind that your band logo represents your band’s identity, core values and motto, hence it should be exceptional, unique and a class apart. Above all it should be a true reflection of you or your band. This small step goes a long way in boosting up your sales through band merchandise and getting you known amidst the right kind of peoples.

#5. Grab the online Opportunities

Internet has literally transformed the way music is heard, sold, promoted and distributed around the world. Furthermore, these online platforms like Reverbnation or Sonicbids or Songdew etc. are one of the best places for an artist or a band to get discovered. Reverbnation, Sonicbids are simply astounding destinations however for the Indian artists and bands Songdew is the best. Songdew has a bag full of experiences waiting for talents, artists and bands across all kinds of genres. Having had partnerships with some of the big names in the country like Coca-Cola, Fab India, 92.7 Big FM, Jabong, Pay TM etc. Songdew gets you prestigious national as well as coveted international opportunities from all around the world. Make sure to not miss any such rewarding opportunities.

#6. Create your Band Brochure

Being called for a gig calls for a grand celebration. I say this because in this cut-throat competitive world where musicians are jostling for a place in the top, getting a gig is not easy. However, to get a gig, you must have a compelling band brochure. Your band brochure must talk about your previous concerts, media or press coverages you have received, your fan following on social media handles, etc. Once you prepare a spellbinding brochure, I bet you’ll get super-busy answering phone calls from prospective event managers and venue organizers.

#7. Be active in the community

The dearth of an organized network for Indie artists is a grim problem that needs serious attention. However, you can always create one and actively participate in these Artist Associations and Co-operatives. As you increase your engagement in these communities, you automatically decrease the communication gap between artists of different states. As a result, you get to learn more about the music scene, events and opportunities in other states and grow your network. You also get to perform in front of audience of different state, different language and culture which automatically puts you in the driver seat towards the discovery and popularity of you or your band.

#8. Consult a Music Blogger

When in doubt always go with the surest option. A music blogger has that smartness with words which can elevate you and your bands image to astounding heights. When you consult a music blogger ask him or her to expertly paint out your band’s experiences, motives, backgrounds, inspirational stories etc. You can also share the idea behind each of your albums or tracks. If you are able to put together an exceptional write up and share it along with your tracks, and then rest assured your name will spread like a wild fire throughout the country!

#9. Release cover tracks of popular songs

Most often I find music aficionados humming tunes of some popular tracks from past. Now when they listen to the same lyrics accompanied by a different tune, they automatically listen closely. They make mental notes of the minute changes and follow the artist until the end and if everything gets a green light they appreciate it without hesitation. You can upload these fresh renditions of old tracks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other social media handles or you can upload it on YouTube or Reverb nation or Sound Cloud or Songdew etc. Once you get your loyal listeners be prepared to get more!

#10. Release behind the Scene videos

The Audience and fans love to have a humane connection with artists and bands. They want to get in touch with them, read about their mistakes and struggles and see them preparing for gigs or their latest release. This is why you must release a behind the scene video of you and your band jamming before the gig or you working and preparing the shoot of your music video etc. This humane touch makes people relate their life with yours. They start understanding and appreciating you and your music more deeply. They get to know you better.

Hence these were some must do tips for you and your band to get known in this competitive industry. Make it a point to keep an open mind and stay optimistic while you are struggling your way up to the top. Finally, I wish you all the very best for a brilliant musical career ahead.