Benefits of Having Chocolates

There has been a lot of research lately that shows eating chocolates can keep you thin. In fact, researchers have concluded that the one who eats chocolate frequently have lower body mass index than people who do not.

There are also evidences that chocolate eating can easily ward off strokes and heart attack possibilities. It can also keep the diabetes level in control. So, for chocolates gift delivered, one should ask for dark chocolates as they do have a lot of benefits.

Chocolate decreases stroke risk

A lot of studies have found that if one eats more that 45 grams of chocolates per week (which is almost worth 2 bars) then it can decrease 20 percent of stoke risk among women. This is because chocolates do have a lot of flavonols and a lot of anti oxidant properties that can decrease the risk of stroke among women.  Chocolate also reduces the likelihood of a heart attack. Eating chocolates mean it can prevent the blood clot which again in turn reduces the risk of heart attacks. Blood platelets actually clump together more slowly among chocolate eaters.

Chocolate protects against blood inflammation

If you can eat a bar of dark chocolate every week then your risk of heart disease will decrease. It is said that about 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day can keep the blood inflammation inducing proteins away from the body.

Chocolate helps with math

Yes, this though sounds surprising, it is actually true. Chocolates do have a lot of flavonols and it helps one with the growth of mental health. That is why; children are advised to give hot chocolates when they are studying for examinations.

Chocolate helps in digestion problems

A good quality of dark chocolate affects widely on fat and carbohydrate metabolism. This has a huge effect on fatty acids that are present in a human body and it also absorbs all the extra fats and carbohydrates. But when choosing a dark chocolate for consumption, one needs to pick up the right kind of chocolate. Those dark chocolates are mostly beneficial which have at least 70 percent of cocoa.

Chocolate may prevent cancer

In cocoa, there is a compound present known as pentameric procyanidin, or pentamer which again disrupts the cancer cell formation and the ability of those cells to spread.

Chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes

Those who have a high level of blood sugar should not have sweetened chocolates but they can always consume bitter dark chocolates. It is said that, dark chocolates increases the level of insulin in a human body reducing the risk of diabetes. It also improves blood flow in a human body.

Chocolate is something delicious made from cacao. To be more accurate, it comes from Theobroma Cacao which are dried for at least a week and then roasted and grounded properly to make the perfect chocolate liquor. This chocolate liquor is the base of varieties of chocolate bars that are produced these days and one can make personalised chocolate gifts with those bars.