Importance of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner which means that this is your chance to plan out a fun surprise for your Dad and also spend some quality time with him. In our everyday hectic lives, we forget how important it is to spend time with our parents because as they get older, we need to be their support just like how they have been our support throughout our childhood. A lot of people look at Father’s Day and Mother’s Day as just another commercial enterprise where the big multinational corporations make money on their product sales! There is no doubt that a lot of companies make the best use of such sentimental days to sell their products but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate it!

The tradition of celebrating Father’s Day was first started in 1910 in the United States of America. A woman named Sonora Dodd felt that it was important to celebrate the appreciation of Fathers across the nation just like how the Mothers are celebrated on Mother’s Day since 1870. Sonora Dodd’s Father raised six children alone where he played both the parents’ roles for the kids. This is why Mrs. Dodd felt so strongly about dedicating a day on the annual calendar every year to celebrate Fathers across the nation. Since then, Father’s Day has been celebrated on the 15th of June every year in America as well as across the world to show collective appreciation of fathers across the world.

This Father’s Day take the time out of your busy schedules and go visit your Dad even if he lives in a city far away from you. Plan a short holiday trip to show him how much he means to you. You can obviously send him a sweet gift hamper from e-gifting websites that do online sweets delivery in Jaipur but spending time together in person is something he will enjoy even more! If you live together, you could gift him a day off the household chores and do everything yourself! From driving your mom to work, cleaning the trash, arranging the garden, checking the plumping and other household chores – you can do them all so that he can enjoy a day of relaxation!

For people living away from their families, you can easily send your dad some customized gifts such as a customized Father’s Day cake with his favorite cake flavor, design, decorations as well as a big bouquet of customized flowers from e-gifting websites that do gifts delivery in Jaipur. You can also purchase his favorite scent, stationery items or even accessories that he has been eyeing for a while and send it to him at his office or home! Apart from the gifts, do try to take some time off for a long video chat with your Dad on this special day. You can also find excellent offers or accessories and gifting items on ecommerce websites that do gifts and online sweets delivery in Jaipur and across India for affordable rates!