Tips on Helping Your Bestie Through Her Break Up

Heartbreaks are difficult and can take anywhere from a few weeks to months for healing. When your best friend is going through a rough breakup, you need to be her support system throughout the entire process and help her get over the breakup and be herself again. Here are some ways in which you can cheer your best friend up during her rough break up –

Take her out shopping

Retail therapy is one of the best ways to destress and when doing it with your best friend, its even better! Looking at colorful clothes, all the beautiful patterns and trendy fashion statement clothing will definitely take your best friend’s mind off the break up at least for sometime. If you can’t necessarily do a crazy shopping spree, shopping for one or two basic items can also cheer her up! New makeup or makeup a new top could give her a sense of new beginnings as well.

Send her funny text messages

Cheer her up through the face by sending her funny status in hindi2 line messages about breakups or even random memes to make her smile! You can easily find these funny messages and two line shayari on zindagi online on shayari and funny status messages websites. If you are in the mood for being creative, you can even write you own funny status in Hindi 2 line funny messages for your bestie! Don’t overdo it though because you don’t want her to feel that you don’t take her situation seriously. These types of messages in small doses are excellent to pump up her mood and take her mind off the breakup.

Binge watch her favorite TV series or movies

You and your best friend can plan a whole weekend out where you do a stay over at either one of each other’s houses and binge watch your bestie’s favorite TV series and movies! This could be a fun way to get her mind of the break up and also help her be a little more cheerful and levelheaded for handling her breakup with ease. You can also stock up on her favorite comfort food like chips, ice cream, pizzas and have a long weekend of movies on Netflix, comfort food and girl gossip sessions!

Do ladies night outs

There’s nothing that some good music and dancing can’t solve! Take your best friend along with your ladies out for partying at night. A few drinks, busting out dance moves and partying the night away will definitely make her happy even if its just for that moment! Be careful to not let her have one too many drinks though because it can easily become a waterworks show due her high emotional condition.

Apart from the two line hayari on zindagi messages, the shopping, binge watching movies and partying, the most important thing you need to do is assure her that everything is going to be fine and she still has the closest friends and family looking out for her!