Bar Western Sydney: What Type Of Drink Should You Choose?

Drinking, when done moderately, is fun. There’s something celebratory about having a drink with your closest friends and loved ones. Of course, tons of alcoholic products are now available in the market today. How will you know which one you should order?

Alcoholic drinks actually tastes better if it fits the type of occasion that you are about to attend to. To help you choose which ones you should order, we charted out the drinks that you should get for any occasion.

Casual catch up

Catch ups are usually simple and not that complicated. A good bucket of beer is good enough to keep the conversation going all through the night.

First date

Drinking hard during a date can be a big no-no. So keep it cool and light by ordering as simple gin and tonic. If you’re having a second drink, order a beer. You don’t want overdo it, but you might need something a little stronger to start with to ease the inevitable awkwardness. Remember to not overdrink, it will only look bad for your potential partner.

Fun night with friends

Nothing wrong with painting the town red during a night out with friends. This is the time when you should let loose and just be free of inhibitions. Vodka is the right drink for these occasions. You drink vodka to get hammered. So gather some friends, get some pickles or sour onions and beers with it. Kick back the vodka shots in a steady pace, while you flush them down with some of your sour treats and beer. Now you don’t want do this before going out. You don’t want be too far from the place you sleep. Remember to have a designated driver once you get the shots going.

Sunday brunch

Brunch is classy and casual. It can also be glamorous, especially when you’re hanging out with your poshiest friends at a very posh place. The drink for a good Sunday brunch is a glass of Bloody Mary. ou probably don’t need one quite as elaborate as this one, but you definitely do need a good Bloody, or seven. That mimosa or bellini might look good, but so do those pancakes. And you know you ultimately don’t want something sweet — you want something salty, acidic, and strong. It also matches well with brunch food.

Celebrating with co-workers

You got a big sale or you just got promoted – these moments deserve good vibes. The moment you sober up too much, the crowd is dull or for whatever reason you need a boost, this is the moment you should order tequila shots. Yes, plural of course. Guaranteed to bring the party back to life. It can make any dull situation more fun and exciting. Just be careful because you might look like a fool in front of your boss the next day.

Dinner with the parents

We all have this check up with your parents where they want to know what is happening in your life and what are your plans for the future. Of course, you can now drink in front of your parents. You might want to impress them with your financial capabilities and of course knowledge in alcohol. So maybe an expensive bottle of wine can keep the conversation going. Give dad some rum and he’ll know that you are doing well in life.

When visiting Bars Western Sydney, be sure to visit quality bars that serve quality drinks for everyone for every occasion. Remember to drink moderately and keep it on a good old fun!