Well-guided SEO can help your business grow exponentially

What is SEO? Let’s start with this basic question. 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a process through which one can improve the search engine ranking of their website. SEO comes in handy when you are just starting off and need people to visit your website in order to survive the race; standing out among your kind becomes important. While good content is something to begin with, it is not the only thing that helps to attract traffic to your website/blog.

Search Engines have algorithms, that they use, to rank relevant websites and display search results accordingly. These algorithms keep changing and you have to make sure that the content you are offering comply with these updates.

4 ways in which SEO can be implemented. 

1. Ensuring good content on your website. 

Now this may sound a bit cliche or old school but the first step of SEO is providing your viewers with the content they are looking for. This will make sure that your website becomes a brand, something your viewer can trust you with. With zeal in the same line, keep updating the content of your website on a regular basis.

2. Use the right keywords. 

To make sure only websites with relevant content are displayed, Search Engines look out for the right keywords. So make sure your website has frequent usage of these keywords and yet not too many of them! Search Engines work on improved algorithms now and can detect if too many of such words are stuffed in an article. Such an article is generally labelled as irrelevant by search engines.

3. Usage of relevant links.

Search Engines have their unique filtering recipes to display search results. Experts say that almost 20% weightage is given to relevant links embedded in your blog. These can be interlinks, links to different but relevant webpage of your website, or links to other related websites. Just as the keywords, don’t overdo them. Adding unnecessary links to your website, keep you from getting this benefit.

4. Backlinks to your website.

Backlink is a link on some other website that points to your blog or website. Backlinks play a major role in your website ranking as Search Engines give quite importance to them. Now you might be thinking that you do not have any control over the backlinks. Well, not exactly! One of the prevailing practices is to become a guest blogger for popular websites and provide link to your website where relevant. This will help you increase number of visitors as well as improve the Search Engine Ranking of your website.

These are just a few methods among many, to implement SEO. Surveys have proved that most of the people scroll till the end of just the first page of search results. Improving your site ranking is important. More visitors to your site will ensure more exposure which in turn improve the chances of them being converted into customers or becoming part of your loyal viewer-base.

This race to reach at the top of search results is important for your business. Nowadays, experts in the field are ready to extend their support and guide you through the process of SEO to make sure you dominate locally as well as globally in your field.