Check Your Heart And Keep It Healthy

These days, having heart problems have become a very common thing. Research say, people who are above 40 years of age hold a high risk of going through heart attacks and cardiac arrests. It sounds scary but this is the truth.

This mainly happens because of the lifestyle people lead these days. Apart from the daily rising pollution people do not have a quality living as well. Due to their bad food habits and too much of dealing with stress they have high blood pressure and cholesterol level from a very early age. These are the things that make people weak and their artery walls weaker.

The most common thing that people suffers from are damaged artery heart valves. Many studies have said that open heart surgery is needed to repair the damaged heart valves. In this procedure, an incision is made in the chest and the heart is made stop for the time being so that the surgeon can repair the heart valves. These incisions are mostly smaller ones and one can feel less pain after the procedure is over. When there is a damaged heart valve in the body one might get the signals due to some specific symptoms. They can feel certain things like chest pain, dizziness, palpitations, breathing difficulties or oedema which is also known as the swelling of ankles, feet and the abdomen.
But the most dangerous thing is the sudden cardiac arrest. This mainly happen without giving any kind of warning or symptoms. But still, there are few signs which one has to look for if they are suspecting sudden cardiac arrest is a person around them. There can be a sudden loss of consciousness and they can collapse. They will not even respond when there is a vigorous tap on shoulders. If you find that the other person is suddenly gasping for breath and they are facing a sudden increase in their heart beats then one has to check out. There can also be a loss of pulse or blood pressure as the level of blood supply to the brain and other parts of the body can get hampered due to this. When these symptoms show one is needed to be rushed into a nearby hospital for treatment. Also, if the ambulance is called, it should have oxygen supply so that the patient does not feel further uneasiness.

But one needs to choose a healthier lifestyle to keep their heart healthy.

The primary thing should be a healthy diet. One should have a proper balance of protein and carbohydrate in their regular diet so that they stay healthy. It is a good idea to stay away from the fried and street side oily food as no good oil is used to cook them. Having a fresh fruit everyday will also add a lot of goodness to the health.

Smoking and drinking should also be stopped immediately. One can drink once in a while but not more than that.

If someone is suffering from any uneasiness in the chest, there are some best cardiology hospitals in India were they can seek help for treatment.