Know your hair a little better.

Hair is such an integral part of our bodies that we can't really escape it no matter how much we want to. Men really don't care about body hair and women pretty much want it only on their heads. If you removed social norms and stigma against body hair on women, you will see how comfortable women start becoming with their body hair.

There are so many things that will open your  eyes when it comes to your hair. Read the following points to understand your hair hair a little better.

1.    When it comes to hair colours, black, is the most common. Red makes up for only 1 percent of the world's hair colour population and is extremely rare. Blonde has about 2 percent.
2.    Hair growth is possible on every part of the body except for the feet soles, the lips, the palms of our hands and the mucous membranes.
3.    Our hair is extremely elastic. Probably more elastic that we give it credit for. Hair can expand upto 30 percent of its original length after you wash it.
4.    Losing hair after showering is not a cause of concern. Losing about 40 to 150 strands of hair in a  day is  extremely normal.To make sure that you don't have a lot of hair loss, invest in a good moisturizing dandruff shampoo.
5.     Colouring the hair became a popular feature in 1950. What started with only 7 percent of the women around the world colouring their hair, slowly morphed into 75 percent.
6.    Taking care of your hair is a time consuming process. An average woman spends about two hours in a week to dry, style and wash her hair.  Once she reaches 65 years of age, she will have spent more than 7 months of her existence taking care of her hair.
7.    If you cut your hair, you will not be affecting its growth in any form. However, it will help you in avoiding the disastrous split ends which can work their way up to the shaft of your hair and make the individual, separated shafts thinner leading to the appearance of the hair not growing.
8.    When it comes to the fastest growing tissue in the human body, first is the bone marrow and second is the hair.
9.    Our hair is made mostly with keratin. Keratin can be found on the outer layer of our nails and skin.
10.   On an average, our hair grows about 6 inches a year, half an inch per month and about 0.5 mm a day.
11.  The outermost layer of our hair is known as the cuticle. This consists of scale like parts that overlap over each other and protects the inside layers of our hair. These cuticle segments lay still and flat on our hair when the hair is healthy and in good condition and when it comes to dry and damaged hair it's open.
If you want to grow your hair, remember that's it's a journey and will take very long. A ketomac shampoo can really assist you in the process by keeping your scalp clean. So if you're planning to chop of your locks, know that it takes about 7 years to grow hair upto the waist and around 3 years to get it up to the shoulders.