Neuroma: Causes | Symptom | Treatment

We can called it by another name of vestibular schwannoma, that is noncancerous and that is usually growing with slow tumor of these develops main vestibular with nerve that are leading from of the inner ear in brain. These branches of the nerve directly influence  the balance of hearing in the human, this pressure having a cause of the hearing loss that are ringing in the ear continuously.
 The neuroma is usually arises from schwann cells that are covering with the nerve that are grows at slowly and that are not at all. It will grow rapidly that become large enough to against on brain with interfere the vital functions.
The treatments of neuroma that include it regular monitoring, and radiation of the surgical removal.

Causes of neuroma

They are two types of neuroma Sporadic form and a form of associated with the syndrome that called neurofibromatosis (NF2). These are two type of inherited disorder that is the characterized growth this is the noncancerous of the tumors in the nervous system. That is the most common tumors of the occur in the both ears in the age of 30.
The NF2 is the rare disorder. That accounts 5% only of acoustic neuromas. That means the majority vast are sporadic form. And doctors aren’t certain with causes of sporadic form. That is the on of the known risk factor that neuroma exposure a high doses of the radiation, especially on head and neck.

Any risk of the acoustic neuroma

Neurofibromatosis type 2

That is only confirmed is risk of factor on acoustic of neuroma that having a  parent with some rare genetic disorder of neurofibromatosis. But they are only accounts about a 5 percent of the acoustic of neuroma cases.
The hallmark of neurofibromatosis is the development of the noncancerous of the tumors that is balance on nerves that both sides of your head, as well as the other nerves. Neurofibromatosis is the known as autosomal or dominant of disorder, that meaning is mutation that can be passed by just one parents of each child that can affected parents are 50-50 chance of inheriting.

Complication neuroma

The variety of permanent complications can be caused by neuroma, including:
     Hearing loss
     The facial numbness and weakness
     Ringing in the ear
     Difficulties with balance

Symptoms of neuroma

The brain stem of cerebellum,that can be deadly
Some early symptoms of the neuroma that are often subtle. So the many people are attribute of the symptoms that are normal changes of the aging, so before  the condition will be diagnosed.
First symptoms that are usually a gradual loss of the hearing in one ear, that are accompanied by the ringing in ear (tinnitus) and this feeling of fullness in the ear.

Other symptoms are included:

     Balance with problem
     Facial weakness
     Taste changes
     Clumsiness or unsteadiness
 The numbness of tingling, which are constant come and go this is so important to see the doctor for some more experience of these type of the symptoms.
So that they clumsiness and have a mental confusion in a serious signal of the problem that are required for some urgent treatment.

Treatment of neuroma

Three courses:

     Observation : This is called watchful waiting. Because the neuromas are not cancerous that’s grow slowly, this is the immediate treatment that may not necessary. That doctors monitor the tumor with have a periodic MRI scans that will suggest the other treatment of the tumor increasing and have a lots of serious causes and symptoms.

     Surgery : The surgery  may involve to removing the all part of tumor.

     Radiation therapy : This therapy recommended by some cases of acoustic and neuromas. State of the art is delivery with techniques to make that possible to sena some high doses of radiation While the tumor  limiting of expose and damage some surrounding issue.

The radiation therapy is delivered in two ways.

     The single fraction of stereotactic of radiosurgery with a hundreds of small beams of the radiation that are aimed to the tumor in the single session.
     Stereotactic radiotherapy fractionated in multi-session that delivers a smaller doses of the radiation, In generally the over of several weeks of studies suggest that the multi-session of therapy that may preserve of hearing better than SRS.