Tasty And Quick Coffee Cake Recipe

One of the most popular beverages consumed by people of all ages is coffee. Rather, a good number of people are found to have got addicted to it and made it a point to have it at least once in a day regularly. Besides a beverage, coffee is also being used by bakers to create innovative and tasty cakes. This way, coffee and cake lovers can have taste of both these delicious items and have their fill. The combination of cake and coffee is called popularly as coffee cake, a delicacy that is just loved by many. Its popularity is only increasing with time and is easily available at the leading offline bakeries and online portals.

Preparing coffee cakes at the home

This delicious, rich and tasty cake can be prepared effortlessly at the home using natural and pure ingredients.

Ingredients required

·         Espresso coffee powder, 1 tbsp.
·         Boiling water, 1 tbsp.
·         Softened butter, 125 g
·         Vanilla essence, ½ tsp.
·         Brown sugar, ¾ cup
·         Eggs, 2
·         Chopped walnuts, ¼ cup
·         Self-raising flour, 1½ cup
·         Sour cream, ½ cup

Icing ingredients required for the cake

·         Boiling water, 2 tbsps.
·         Icing sugar mixture, 2 cups
·         Softened butter, 20 g
·         Espresso coffee powder, 3 tsps.

Batter preparation methods

Firstly preheat oven to about 350 degrees and butter the foil. Then take a large bowl and whisk in it two cups of flour, half tsp. of salt and baking soda and one tsp. of baking powder. Take another large bowl and beat one cup granulated sugar with one stick of butter (of room temperature) with mixer until fluffy and light on medium high speed mixer for around three minutes. Now add the two eggs, not together, but one at a time. Beat it well after every addition to ensure smoothness and fluffiness. Also beat vanilla essence of two teaspoons. Now reduce speed of mixer to low and then add flour mixture, but in three batches. Try to alternate with sour cream total of one cup. Start and finish with flour mixture and ensure that batter is thick.

Final cake preparation

Simply spread half of batter in prepared baking dish. Sprinkle or spread the filling upon top in even layer. Then spoon remaining batter on filling, in even spread. Use prepared topping to sprinkle thoroughly. Bake properly and carefully and make sure that the topping gets golden brown. Insert toothpick into the cake centre to find out if it is evenly and properly baked or still requires more baking. The total baking time taken is expected to be around 1 hour. Allow it to cool for 20 minutes in baking dish.


Baking the cake is a great job done, but perfection can be achieved only with the right kind of packing. Also packaging the cake does enhance its looks and makes it lucrative and tempting. The sophisticated and well baked coffee cake will appear charming and outstanding in custom packaging solution. Once done with great precision, it can be presented to the beloved spouse on his birthday or someone close.

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