Train Journeys You Must Enjoy in India

If you have always travelled by train for work or just for going sake, then it is the time that you take some exciting train journeys in India. There are some amazing routes in India that can make any passenger feel loved, cherished, and absolutely wonderful.

From its beginning in the year 1853 to the present times, Indian Railways has never stopped to encourage people. Ranging from showy trains like Duronto to the wonderful toy trains to class apart Maharaja Express, there are trains of different types and styles.

Ratnagiri-Mangalore – Journey in Konkan Railways:

It is one of the most superb Indian rail journeys that are going to be unforgettable for you.  The pure and unspoiled natural beauty during the route leaves you mesmerised. You will pass through luxurious green forests and cross plenty of river-bridges and witness many lakes; the Konkan railways experience can never be disappointing. MatsyagandhaExpress would take you through the charms of this route and you will make the most of the journey. In general the entire journey is of 10 hours fifteen minutes.

Toy train journey

You should not miss out this exciting and joyous journey in Himachal Pradesh. Kalka-Shimla-railway takes you to one of the most gorgeous summer destinations in Indiathrough the Himalayan Queen Toy train. The train runs between Kalka and Shimla. The exciting journey allows you to pass through more than one hundred tunnels and plenty of gorgeous bridges and water streams. It also caters some remarkable views of the beauty of nature. This journey is apparently a gorgeous idea for camera-wielding travellers, as they can shot various splendid shots. The entire journey is five hours and ten minutes.

Jaipur Jaisalmer- a Royal Journey

The chance to witness the amazing changes in the landscape is what makes this train traveling trip so special. When you go through what you take as a barren desert, you are going to be directly up for a reality check! Instead of treeless stretches and golden sand,you can witness luxuriousgreen surroundings, dense woods and properly maintained mud houses. You cannot   evade the desert; after all it is the charm of Rajasthan. You will definitely get to see patches of desert with camels grazing there. It would be a memorable for you!Once you board the Delhi Jaisalmer Express, you would experience all these sites.You don’t even have to carry anything to eat because food for train journey can be fetched on train itself.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

Theexquisite and ever green pristine nature’s beauty in India makes some train journeys really uplifting and awe inspiring. Beginningfrom the plains of Mettupalayam and stretching out to the hills of Ootythrough gorgeous Coonor, it is a journey that you are certainly going to cherish for long time. The well acclaimed Chhaiya-Chhaiya song was shot on the roof of Nilgiri Mountain Railway on the same railway track. NilgiriMountainsdo cover plenty of tea estates and the turnsand twists are simply the icing on the cake.

So, if you have missed any of these above mentioned train journeys, it is the apt time that you plan out your next leisure now!