Blockchain and healthcare: What can happen?

With the entry of new technologies new avenues open which can be of great help in the completion of routine tasks. The blockchain is one such new avenue which can be used in different areas in the society. The blockchain is one of the most talked technologies in modern times. It was invented as the base of cryptocurrency, but with time, innovators have thought through and made it possible to use blockchain technology in other fields as well. Blockchain technology is basically chain which is made up of certain blocks; these blocks contain data which is fed by the user.

The data once entered cannot be altered which makes sure that no information is manipulated and presented. The stopping of information manipulation is helpful in preventing frauds in all the fields. In the field of healthcare, blockchain has a bright future as the patient’s vital data can be entered and periodic check becomes easy. The health insurance frauds can all be stopped at once by deploying blockchain technology in healthcare.

How can blockchain benefit the healthcare industry?

In the medical field, it is pretty common that some diseases or patient’s health have to be worked by a team of doctors which do not work in the same place. The interoperability is much important in the medical process as the experience and expertise of several doctors can help save a human life. Using blockchain technology, a doctor can share the patient’s health data with another experienced doctor and make sure that patient returns home happy and healthy. With the blockchain technology, a doctor can input his viewing key and take a look at the patient’s diagnostics and guide the consulting doctor in a more efficient manner.

Why blockchain?

At the start of this article, we have explained how information sharing becomes easier for medical professionals. But, there are many more reasons to deploy blockchain in healthcare. The most compelling reason is its widespread presence. With a secure infrastructure and round the clock availability any medical professional can view a patient’s health records without risk of losing the data. Privacy of a patient’s health is fully guaranteed because of the best security measures employed in blockchain technology. The second reason in favour of blockchain technology is authentication. No human can forge the identity as a doctor and risk patient’s health which is the biggest benefit of this system.

 A blockchain has three keys, a viewer key enables the recipient to view the data, a sender’s key enables the sender to view the data, and the owner’s key enables the owner to create a new block and feed the new data. Blockchain companies in India are making sure that the necessary steps are taken to deploy a secure blockchain technology to transform the Indian healthcare system.

Introduction of Blockchain in healthcare India is going to be a revolutionary step in the Indian healthcare system as it will be able to serve all the Indian population at once in a hassle-free manner where the data is also secured.