The best way to help your baby rest

A newborn baby is something like a gift from God for their parents, and this gift wants special care and attention of their parents. Sound cradle mobile app is specially designed to keep your babies calm and sleepy. The inbuilt sound of nature in this mobile app distract your baby from weeping. Sound cradle giving you a panel of common household noises that can help to gain your baby attention. Sound Cradle mobile app is used for both babies as well as parents.

Promising  Sound Quality:

The sound quality of sound cradle mobile app is very good, like the real sound of nature. While playing the inbuilt sound of this app your baby distract the attention and listen to the noisy or playable sounds. Low-quality sound fails to gain the attention of babies. Therefore there are no such compromises in the sound quality.

Mother Tiredness:

Every mother is trying to meet every need of her baby work alone on its own. But it is almost impossible for the mother to actually find enough time for her to rest, and this cause tiredness for the mother. The rest of the mother is also very important for the baby. Sound Cradle mobile app can help the tired mother to find some time for her to take rest. Sound Cradle makes it possible for her to sleep easily and the mother can get her strength back.


        Easy to Use
        Beautiful interface
        Very simplistic design
        A panel of sound designed
        Huge variety of natural sounds
        Sounds include white noise, pink noise etc.
        Sounds of nature can play together.


Sound Cradle mobile app can help a mother to work alone with her baby. Just play the sounds of this mobile app and get your baby’s attention, while your baby listens to the sounds of this app. You can work easily. Sound Cradle mobile app also helps at night when your baby is crying, the sounds of nature try to calm your baby and keep your baby to sleep. Visit: