Are you in search of purifier which will make the water 100% purified and safe for consumption?

Nowadays, approximately every person is using purifiers for making the drinking of water safer. Water purifiers are used by people on large scale in India because the water is contaminated now due to globalization as well as due to the water-pollution also.

There are so many different kinds of water purifiers with so many different types of features. People can use these water purifiers for making the water safe and healthy for its consumption. Some of the water purifiers are mentioned below with their features as well:

1. Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

KENT is one of the top best-renowned companies of water purifier. All the purifiers of KENT are made with the feature of double purification of water that is RO+UV+UF. This is a water purifier with the highest power of purifying water by removing all the toxic materials and impurities from the water.


1 It gives you the best value for your money as gives water a double purification process RO+UF+UV.
2 It has 8-liter of water storage capacity.
3 This water purifier has as water level indicator also that tells the level of water.
4 This is a type of water purifier which is suitable for all the types of water resources.


1. This is a purifier which will waste some of the water during the process of purification. To know more about this water purifier you can contact Kent service center toll-free number Noida.

2. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

This water purifier with so many features it is different from the above-mentioned purifier. It does not give double purification of water but has an advanced feature of purification which will make the water 1000% safe and clean for drinking. This is a water purifier with an Intuitive LED passing. It made up with a TDS controller. This water purifier gives you a water level indicator also. It has more water storage capacity than the KENT water purifier.


1 It gives a 10-liter of the storage capacity of water. A 10-liter storage capacity water purifier is suitable for a         large family.
2 It is made up by RO+UV with a TDS controller.
3 It can be useful for purifying any kind of water sources.
4 It passes 100% water through the RO.
5 It has TDS level up to 2000ppm.


1. There will be some water wastage during the purification of water.
2. It is priced a bit higher. It is not priced according to the features of it.

These are the two best water purifiers that will make the water 100% clean and safe for drinking purpose. If these water purifiers create some issues in there working you can directly contact Kent water purifier service center in Noida. They are always available for their clients. They will find out the problem of your water purifier and will make it work properly.