Everything about Removing Stains from Tiles

Tiles are meant to beautify the home. These are mainly applied in the kitchen and bathroom area to protect the walls and also to make the places look different. But these tiles need proper maintenance and care with good stain removal products. Otherwise, they will look dull soon and also may get ruined over the time. Don’t go by the appearance of the tiles as they feel and look to be impervious to any kind of damage or harm.

You should not take any chance when it comes to anything related to your home. Similarly, you should clean and wash the tiles regularly. Stains are something that is not all welcome and all the people hate it. Especially stains of tiles are not at all easy to remove. So, when you see a single stain on the tiles, before cleaning it, you should resort to the proper technique of stain removal.

Most of the stains can be removed by the all-purpose stain removal products which are non-abrasive or the tub-tile-sink products. For some specific stains, specific techniques have to be adopted. Follow these below-mentioned techniques:-

·         Blood:-Stain of blood on tiles should be dabbed with either diluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

·         Coffee, tea, and Juice:-Stain caused by tea, coffee or juice on tiles has to be washed with mild detergent powder and lukewarm water. Then blot it with diluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

·         Gum, wax, or tar: Stains may also be caused by these materials on tiles. You can then in a resealable plastic bag, place some ice bags, then put the bag over those materials which are to be removed from the tiles. After the material which caused stain is solidified, remove the maximum of the material as much as possible, with the help of a crafts stick. By applying non-flammable paint thinner, you can remove the remaining residue from the tiles. Apart from using stain removal products, you can apply this method as well.

·         Grease or fat-base stains: Such stains can be removed with water and club soda or floor cleaner which is nonabrasive.

·         Ink or dye: Lay a clean cloth, soaked with diluted bleach, over the stain and then let it stay over there until the stain gets disappeared. Afterward, rinse properly.

·         Iodine: Diluted ammonia can be applied on the stains caused by Iodine on the tiles.
Tiles should make your home beautiful, so do not let it become dull or colourless in any way. Even if any stain is made in the tiles, put your best effort to remove them.