Get Your I phone X Parts at Very Low Cost

Apple released its first smartphone known as iPhone on 29th June 2007. Since from then, Apple secured a dominant position in the market of smartphones. People who bought this newly launched item were well satisfied with this Apple product. Apple releases a new iteration of the iPhone series in an annual interval. All iPhones run on Apple's official mobile operating system known as iOS. The security measure provided for iPhone users are also very high which doesn't allow any third-party application to collect data from the user.
iPhone X was first launched on November 3rd, 2017. They said, “The future of the smartphone" when announcing it. iPhone X has got a backside glass covering it. It is manufactured to Apple's usual high standard so that you get the heavy premium feel when you hold the device. It is made up of surgical-grade stainless steel. It has a 5.8 inches OLED screen. It runs on iOS 11.0.1. It has a processor of 2.39 GHz 64bit hexa-core. The RAM of the device is 3gb with an internal storage capacity of 256gb. The battery performance is excellent. It has a 7mp front camera and 12mp back camera. It has stereo speakers to provide you with intense sound. But it has got some drawbacks too.iPhone parts wholesale usa provides you with original spare parts for your devices. The common drawbacks are:
a.      iPhone X overheating- Many users complained about the overheating issue. On watching videos or playing games, the battery gets drained out very quickly, and the phone gets hot.
b.      iPhone X green line- Some iPhone X units have developed a green line on the side of the display. This line runs vertically down either on the left or right side of the display.
c.       Hair Pulling- It is one of the more random complaints, where the users are complaining that the phone is catching and pulling at their hair.
d.      Face ID failure- The iPhone X is not able to recognize your face, so the phone doesn't get unlocked. There are issues in both rear and front camera which don't allow the face recognition feature to work properly.
e.      The touchscreen doesn't work properly- In some iPhone X, it is seen that touch screen stops working. Experts have stated that it is due to the rapid change to the cold environment which leads to the unresponsiveness of the screen.
f.        Cracked camera lens- The camera lens on the back of the iPhone X was reported to be cracked in spite of not dropping the cell phone. Inversion of temperature from high temp to low temp may have caused the crack.
g.      Speakers are buzzing- In some units, the user has experienced a distorting and buzzing sound from the speaker. There were also reports of crackling sound when the speakerphone is at high volume
h.      Incoming call delays- Reports have been filed where the user experiences problems with incoming calls. When a call comes, ring alert is heard but there shows no display on the screen. It takes around a few seconds to display the ‘accept and decline' option.
These are the few problems faced by iPhone X users. But there are solutions to the issues. Apple iPhone X parts suppliers are available everywhere. They provide you with an original Apple product at a cheap price.