How To Avoid Surprise Billing By Choosing Urgent Care

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how well prepared you are to handle your health care. Take the story of Steve for example.

Steve has a good job and health insurance that covers, what he thought was pretty much everything that life could throw at him.

But one day Steve was in need of immediate care and so he called his doctor. He was shocked to learn that his primary care doctor was not available and so he was advised to go to a local Emergency Room to get the treatment that he needed.

He checked to make sure that this hospital was in his network and then dashed off to the ER to get his situation taken care of.

On his way home Steve smiled to himself and thought how lucky he was that he didn’t have to wait too long, he was feeling very little discomfort and would be back to normal in a few days. Little did he know, however, of the deluge of bills he was soon to receive.

The first bill to arrive was from the Emergency Room doctor who saw him on arrival. Then came the bill from the radiologist that looked at his X-rays. Steve was shocked!

The actual hospital was In-Network, but the doctor and radiologist and other specialists were out of network. Steve did everything right. He checked his insurance before he left, he paid his copay at the hospital but he still ended up with a bill for over $2,000! He’s fortunate though. Some people find out they are responsible for many more thousands of dollars worth of out of network emergency room care!

Sometimes, the doctors you will see in the ER are not employed by the hospital and so they will bill your insurance separately. Studies show that up to 22 percent of ER patients think that they are covered just because the hospital is on their plan but they get billed by each specialist who treats them.

There are some events that require an ER such as:

       Bleeding that is uncontrollable
       Heart Attack
       Losing consciousness
       An accident or major trauma

Urgent Care or Walk-in Clinics in Los Gatos can cover:

       Fevers, headaches, coughs
       Yearly physicals
       Abdominal pain
       Minor cuts that require stitches
       Ear/eye pain, redness or itchiness

While the emergency room can treat all of the things your Urgent-care center in Los Gatos can treat, the urgent-care center may not be able to treat conditions that the ER is equipped to. But if you have the choice, it is advised to choose your Walk-in clinic in Los Gatos.

Billing is transparent. You always know what you will pay for each service rendered. Average wait times in the ER are 2 ½ hours whereas wait times at Urgent Care are between 15-45 minutes.

The primary care physicians at Urgent-Care in Los Gatos want you to be informed, well taken care of and confident that you can trust you will never get a surprise bill from out of network doctors in the mail.