Reasons Why You Need Live Chat Now

Many ecommerce websites have been adding Live conversation app to their help desk software in order to provide real time answers rather than having customers leave their websites. Real time chatting with a customer support expert not only builds customers‘ confidence during their shopping experience, but also helps to improve your conversion rates. According to a survey of American online consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase.


Real Time Convenience to Customers

Saves Money

Get Competitive Advantage

Build long-term relationships


Q-talks is a Live conversation app that connects you in conversation groups of up to 4 people based on shared interests. You talk, anonymously, and it is random with whom you are going to talk with. The common denominator is the subject you want to talk about. It is a “Talk” app (Voice only) – which means; no writing options likes or dislikes buttons, nor video or image. Only human talk in real time. The subjects are decided by users, which means that you can freely define a subject that must be available. You will talk with others facing similar challenges as you, for example, talking with others struggling with getting pregnant, feeling lonely etc.

It is a transparent app that is open 24/7 (without advertisements or other hidden adds).

The conversations

Conversations are not facilitated by experts and take place in groups of up to four people. They are completely anonymous. The goal is to connect like-minded people through live, human conversations – a safe place to talk about concerns, challenges, emotions, and great experiences.

How it works

Q-talks is a very simple app that connects you with like-minded people across cities, states, and countries. It all depends on the language and subject you join. The conversations are yours and when you hang up there are no tracks on the internet. A guidance video - 


We know that it is important to have someone to talk with and in a world where social media is ever-growing and a dominant influence on our lives, the need for human conversations with others in the same situation is more important than ever. Having someone to talk to and with who understands and has faced the same issues is not only helpful – it’s necessary.

The need

No matter who we are, when facing challenges such as being involuntary childless, being ill or a relative, we need someone to talk with on a regular basis. We are talking with families and friends, but often it is no way near good enough. We miss having someone to talk with, whom really understands our situation and from own experience know what we are undergoing. We are searching for others with similar issues who are not finding any questions or concerns stupid. But just similar to us, find it a relief having a compassionate and supportive conversation with like-minded people, without being judged. Making challenges more manageable and assuring us that we are not alone!