The issue of high blood pressure when you are pregnant

When there is a sudden force of blood against the walls of the arteries you are known to suffer from blood pressure. If you feel that the pressure in the arteries does go on to become a lot high it is a case of high blood pressure that goes by the name of hypertension. If you face such a situation it does go on to put a lot of pressure on the kidneys as well as the heart. This could lead to stroke or even a kidney disease. With blood pressure medication during pregnancy you can deal with this issue. But you need to be aware on which are the safe medicines to be consumed when you are pregnant.

There are some women who suffer from high blood pressure even before they become pregnant. During pregnancy others are known to face blood pressure for the first time. Nearly 8 out of 10 women do suffer from high blood pressure the moment they become pregnant. If you are suffering from high blood pressure it is important to discuss with your doctor. Having a control over it does seem to be really important for both the mother as well as the baby.

The reading of the blood pressure?

The reading of blood pressure is normally taken as two numbers. The first number would be the one that the heart contracts or becomes tight. The second works out to be the number when the heart is known to relax. When the number is 140 or above you are suffering from high blood pressure or it could be lesser than 90 or less. During the course of the day the blood pressure can go up and down.

As part of the routine check-up the blood pressure is checked. In order to undertake this test, the doctor goes on to put a cuff around the upper arm. Then they are going to pump pressure in the arteries. This would be when the heart contracts and then relaxes. If the reading is high the doctor may ask you to go for blood pressure medication for pregnancy.

How you can deal with blood pressure during pregnancy?

·         Even if you are feeling fine it would be better if you go for a prenatal check up

·         In case if you need medicine to control blood pressure take it every day. The provider can go on to choose one that is safe for both the mother as well as the baby when they are pregnant

·         Make it a point that you eat healthy foods. Do avoid foods rich in fats, salt or for the matter canned foods. All this can have adverse effects on blood pressure

·         Be active during the course of the day. 30 minutes of exercise a day would be the perfect way to relax. This would help you to prevent stress, weight along with chronic hypertension

You should not drink, smoke or resort to the use of any drugs when pregnant.