A complete guide for wearing rings for men

Men’s skull rings are specifically meant for men. Unfortunately, the majority of men will probably wear one ring for the rest of their lives and that is the wedding ring. Another small percentage of men will only wear a finger ring of personal or cultural significance. This may be a family seal or class seal. It may also be a Masonic emblem. Only a small percentage of men wear rings for the purpose of decoration.

Rings for men

Men are free to wear rings if they want to. Rings are both feminine and masculine throughout history. Most people look at rings and criticize men wearing them by saying they are either too attractive, flashy or feminine. There are traditions that prohibit men from wearing rings but this is completely unfair and outdated.

Functions of rings

There are some rings that are considered to be more symbolic than others. There are some skull rings for men that serve a purely decorative function and there are those that send a specific cultural message.

Religious and cultural rings

I haven’t come across any religion that requires members to wear rings but there are religions that encourage wearing of rings for specific roles. The western wedding ring is the most familiar example of such rings. It is not a law in Christianity for couples to wear rings but it has evolved into culture with a lot of symbolism behind it.

Affiliation rings

There is enough proof of rings being used to denote membership in families and groups. For example, men's skull rings have been used by bikers to show membership of bikers clubs. Some veterans also wear rings to denote their branch of service. They may also denote a program within their branch of service. Rings may have cultural significance but they are also decorative in most cases. As a result, the designs are larger.