Things to keep in mind while purchasing car batteries

Tubular battery online purchase has soared the chartbusters but with car batteries their average life span is restricted from 3 to 5 years. Be it purchase of a tubular battery online shopping in India or car battery there are some points to take into consideration.

Battery size

A traditional car battery is divided into length, width and diameter. In consultation with a mechanic or checking out an owner’s manual you can compare between various batteries. A right size of a battery would fit on to the battery tray securing batteries and any damage from vibrations is prevented.

Battery freshness

A code on a battery points to battery freshness consisting of a number and a code. This stands for the month along with year of manufacture. B/4 would mean February 2014. You should not buy a battery that is more than 6 months after a date of its manufacture.

Reserve capacity

This connotes a capacity where a battery could run on its own before discharge and even without an engine. A battery with a high reserve capacity would help you cope up with difficult situations like an emergency car break down.


A couple of scenarios spring up here, a maintenance free type along with low maintenance. In case of the former a car battery is sealed and a liquid electrolyte would run throughout the battery with no replacement. In case of low distilled batteries though they are sealed you might have to pour in distilled water occasionally.


Do compare warranties and opt for one that has a long warranty life. Warranty means a free replacement period or a prorated period. This would mean a partial replacement of a battery for limited time frame.

Position along with type of terminals

A position of a positive terminal has an impact on the polarity of a car. Therefore the need of the hour would be to locate where you can figure out the metal shell of a car. This would be on the right or the left side depending upon overall make of the car.

Power requirement

Power requirement is amps that are needed to start a vehicle at 32 degrees F whereas cold cranking amp would point to starting a car at a cold temperature. The CCA for batteries or cold climates in case of higher CCA is suggested.


AH is termed as ampere power connotes how much electricity a battery could store. It connotes that a battery could load for a long period meaning running out of battery is virtually less.

Battery life

Check out current life of your battery with a battery specialist or an auto store. This helps you to understand whether you need a routine maintenance procedure or a new battery installation.

Previous experience

Before you buy a battery check out your experience with your battery provider. Any battery that serves you for a long time without any issues is suggested. Just check out your experience with your fellow friends.