Advantages of keto shampoo and who should use keto shampoo

Some of the shampoos are meant for nourishing the hair and some of the shampoos make hair sparkling. Some shampoos are specifically meant for removing dandruff particles from the hair. So, ketomac shampoo is also meant for removing the dandruff particles from the hair.

Why use keto shampoo?

So, this shampoo mainly contains ketoconzole which removes the dandruff particles from the hair. When the scalp becomes oily, dandruff is produced on the scalp. Hence, a person feels irritable and begins to scratch hair. In this way, the hair began to fall as the roots of the hair are loosened.  So, ketomac shampoo is suitable for people who are suffering from acute dandruff problem. This shampoo is concentrated, and a person may experience hairfall initially. So, they should apply this shampoo carefully.

How to use the shampoo?

The ketomac dandruff shampoo should be mixed with aqueous solution and applied to the hair. It should be diluted before using it. Then it can be applied to the hair properly and then retained for some time. It should be rinsed thoroughly to wash the hair properly. This shampoo contains ketonazole and is used for killing the yeasts and fungi present on the scalp. This substance produces estronogel that weakens the cell membranes of the yeast. So, the fungi are drained away from the scalp.

Before using this shampoo, the hair should be rinsed and a small amount should be applied to the scalp. It should be applied to the hair and should be retained for some time. Then, the scalp should be thoroughly rinsed because if the soapy particles remain on the skin, then the roots of the hair become loose.  So, ketomac is an anti-fungal agent that comprises just 2% of aqueous solutions.

So, this shampoo should be applied to the hair twice in a week if the person is suffering from dandruff. The people acutely suffering from the problem of dandruff, then she or he should apply the shampoo because it can extract the dirty or dandruff particles from the skin because it is concentrated. But the other people who have little dandruff may apply other cleansing shampoos because they may experience hairfall problem.

Who should use this shampoo?

Usually, the people suffering from dandruff problem also suffer from Malassezia. So, the shampoo contains ketoconazole that produces ergosterol and this substance weakens the cell membranes of fungi. In this way, fungi are drained away.

But everybody cannot use this shampoo because some are just hypersensitive to this ingredient and hence they may experience some side effects such as dry hair, burning sensation, contact dermatitis and other problems. This shampoo is irritating to the eyes and hence it should not get into the eyes of the patients. If the person persistently experiences burning sensation, then the shampoo should be discontinued. The lather should be retained on the skin for just 5 to 10 minutes and then it should be rinsed. It is a fluid available in orange color that looks wonderful. The keto clear shampoo is not ideal to everyone and the people who experience mild problems should preferably use other cleansing shampoos that are mild and not concentrated like keto shampoo.