Pros and Cons of Hook and Loop Velcro

Hook and Loop are known commonly by many names like the Hook and Loop fasteners, tough fasteners or the most regularly known Hook and Loop Velcro. It consists of two fabric strips that are joined or attached to the contrasting surfaces. The first fabric has minute hooks and the second part has smaller loops. When both the parts are combined or attached together, it results in a strong bond and attaches itself temporarily. It creates a tearing or wrenching sound when separated.

Hook and Loop Velcro are very strong bonding fasteners that it can support 80 kgs of the load. The usage depends on basic fixtures like the shoes and ranges to space shuttles. The embedment plays an important role in the bonding strength of the hook and loop Velcro.
Teflon loops and polyester hooks are used in aerospace applications while the nylon and polyester are used in basic simple applications like the cushions and the bags. It is used in the rigid and flexible surfaces while the rigid is stronger in strength compared to the flexible surfaces.

There are ways where one can strengthen the Hook and Loop Velcro through simple methods like the

    The area of the bond can be increased by using larger pieces.
    One should make sure the force is applied equally to the surface on all the sides or corners.
    The hooks and loops can be increased per unit area.

The types of Hook and Loop Velcro are as follows

    Standard Velcro hook and loop fasteners: they consist of tiny hooks made of plastic and loops are comparatively smaller.
    Velcro sew on hook and loop fasteners: they are smartly designed to be sewed on the clothing supplies and the materials.
    Fasteners tape: it is made up of strong adhesive which quickly attaches itself to the non-porous surfaces such as walls and the cabinets.
Hook and Loop Velcro can survive temperatures up to 100-degree centigrade. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and width and are available in rolls and reels. They are more popular because of   easy availability and usage.

Pros and Cons of Hoop and Loop Velcro

They play a very important role in a variety of applications. They not only hold simple things in place but are also used in space shuttles. The strength is the best part of the Velcro followed by the easy and little to no maintenance. It is very easy to use that even a small kid can use it safely with just a slight pressure on the fabric. The high performance makes it waterproof and can be used thousands of times with no worries and is child-friendly.
It has very little drawbacks like the collection of dust and dirt with time. It also attaches itself with other fabrics damaging the material and finally, the wrenching sound makes it a little uncomfortable to use in public or in a private place.
Hook and Loop Velcro has become an important part in our everyday life making it very easy and convenient in our stressful life. We have become so dependent that one cannot imagine without them.