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Simple and healthy food is always great but it is okay to drift off from your daily diet routine and treat yourself with some delicious creamy and sweet goodies. So, do you have a sweet tooth? Are you craving for some soft, spongy, drooping with cream, sweet and tangy cakes, and pastries to enjoy with your closed ones? If that is the case then without any more waiting, order the best quality cakes, pastries and other tasty sweet and sour baked goods from cake delivery in Ludhiana, right now!

What are the different kinds of cakes available to you from the mentioned service?

Cakes are basically baked goods that are very commonly enjoyed at special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, functions and celebrations and so on. But, who really needs an occasion to enjoy a piece of cake? They are typically made with baked bed with several layers of creams and sweet jellies. They can be topped with several edible sweeteners like icing sugar, fruits, nuts, whipped cream, candies, sweet cheese, and chocolate. There are a variety of cakes and pastries which you can get through the cake delivery in Ludhiana. Some of them can be understood as mentioned below:

·         Simple butter cakes: These are the most basic types of cakes which can be enjoyed on the go. The basic ingredients of a butter cake involve flour, eggs, butter, flavor essence, butter, salt, sugar, and baking powder if needed. During the preparation of this cake, the eggs and butter are beaten together for a long time to bring out the desired consistency. This makes the cake very fluffy and filled with air. They are usually topped with whipped or buttercream and are served in small quantities, usually in a small bowl. 

·         Sponge cake: As the name suggests, these are spongy, soft and air-filled cakes. In a sense, they are quite similar to butter cakes. They heavily depend on the beating process of the eggs to make them feel sponge-like. For the same purpose, there may be an addition of baking soda or other chemical compounds. Angel food cake is a kind of a sponge cake which only uses the egg whites and is prepared in a dense pan.

·         Chocolate pops: Other than the traditional round, layered and angled cakes, chocolate pops have been quite coveted as well. They are basically like a lollypop. They contain round balls of delicious and flavorsome cake pieces, usually dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with other toppings like candies, chocolate chips or rainbow sprinkles.

What are the basic topping ingredients used in cakes?

There are a a number of different toppers which are used on the cakes depending upon its variety or type. The most common toppings include chocolate shavings, cream cheese, whipped cream, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, candy, icing sugar and so on. You can try it all with easy cake delivery in Ludhiana.

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