How to enhance hair growth

People are now facing various hair related problems due to unhealthy lifestyle, pollution and from hormonal imbalance. There is not any wonder procedure to enhance your hair; few simple healthy steps can do the wonder.

  • Know your hair type- Sometimes we just use blindly the shampoo and conditioners from the market. First know your hair type, if that is oily or dry. Use your products according to your hair type. There are lots of brand and products in the market. Read the labels of all of your products attentively. Use the shampoo and conditioner which are produced for your hair type and comprises Vitamin A, C, E or B. These are Vitamins are essential for hair growth and rejuvenation. Avoid any detergent based shampoo as they are harsh on your hair and damage it. If you have dry hair, search for a moisturizing shampoo and if you have oily hair, use deep cleansing shampoo. Use conditioner after every hair wash to prevent hair fall.
  • Trim your split ends properly- Splits ends are often prevent hair growth. Regular trimming keeps your hair split end free which can cause major damage. Trimming hair on an ordered basis will help to enhance your hair.
  • Avoid use hair dryer- Applying unnecessary heat to hair will damage it. Blow dry can cause rough hair and hair breakage. Let it dry normally. Apply a heat protectant before using the hair dryer. Use air dryer from distant to avoid unnecessary heat. Do not use curling irons or flat irons too often. Use quality products in the form of ketomac shampoo hair loss in Hindi
  • Eat foods that will increase your hair growth- Keratin and proteins are the main structure blocks of hair. To enhance hair growth eats a balanced and nutrient diet comprising lentils, nuts and lean meats. For a healthy scalp eat foods that are enriched with Vitamin A, C, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid eating too much unhealthy fat, carbonated drinks, alcohol for better result.
  • Oil your scalp regularly- Scalp massage is very stimulating for hair growth and it increases your blood circulation. Choose any type of oil of your choice and massage it with your hand thoroughly. Let the oil remain for few hours then wash your hair with mild shampoo for better result.
  • Comb your hair regularly- Combing your hair regularly will stimulate the blood circulation and revitalize hair follicles which speed up the hair growth. Comb your hair from the scalp to the pip of your hair completely, for a good massage.
  • Moderate use of hair styling products- Don’t carried away by the fashion inclinations. Styling products are not always good for your hair. Excessive hair color can damage your hair permanently as they sometimes contain harsh chemicals. Cheap products and wrongapplication can cause major problem to regrowth your hair.
  • Healthy lifestyle- healthy body and mind is very necessary for hair growth. Drink at least eight galls of water in a day and sleep properly. Do some yoga and physical activity to stay fit. A healthy body and stress free mind will automatically regulate your hormones and that will  help your healthy hair growth.

These are some of the ways by which you can deal with hair problems. Stick to the use of a ketomac shampoo use in Hindi for desired results.